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INSIDE is an audio-visual piece which occupied 1.024 m2 of the National Coach Museum facade with videomapping. The technological system used creates an immersive and sensorial effect, with real-time generated visual elements, multichannel sound design and video.

Lasting about 15 minutes, this live performance tells a story in 3 different moments, developing a narrative that seeks to explore the different stages of stone formation, its extraction and transformation through human device and the uses it is given through the genius of human creation.

Features the work of the designers Jasper Morrison, Fernando Brizio, Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, Jorge Silva and Peter Saville and of the architects Amanda Levete, João luis Carrilho da Graça and Márcio Kogan.

Belongs to the research programme FIRST STONE and its a collaboration between experimentadesign and ALTA - International Creative Alliance.

Datagrama installation

Video installation at The 4321 festival by Tipper&Friends Events

Collaboration Hoddie Salinas (Dragon sculpture)

Photography by Ed Apples

Music by Cluser & Eno - Wehrmut is a collective of visual artists that designs immersive environments and performs live visuals.


realtime live visuals  created with touchdesigner

credits: custom multitouch interfaces  // glsl,  3d


An innovative interpretation centre is developed by experimentadesign and ALTA_International Creative Alliance for the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve.