Digital loneliness

When one waits anxiously for a text, email, im etc. and they never receive one. They constantly check but don't get any.

+experimental real time render using touchdesigner..scan room using kinect

Saccharomyces cerevisiae


+microscop+ micro motion track +touchdesigner

cosmic interactions


Leap  and touchdesigner -  footage : Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)

+Leap +touchdesigner 

MAPattack!!chamine GRACA 

one night  map!


Led / leap  - Sync Test 

+leap + leds + videoprojector+touchdesigner

Vortex CUBE interactive experiments

+leap sensor + touchdesigner

inspired by Walter Russell

(CosmicSapiens Project)

digital cymatics

3d geometry generated from Audio

digital interference patterns


Dancing particlesPLEXuS style 

+kinect + touchdesigner

Hyperbolic Fire- video projections- smoke