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Miragem is a videomapping show made for the opening of a park in the city of Torres Vedras.Its a multidisciplinary show, that joins spacialized music with robotic lights and synced multivideo projection, all around the theme "nature, technology, art"it was projected during the two days of celebration that the city hall of Torres Vedras gave for the opening of this landmark garden.



Art Direction: Rui Gato

concept, 3D, coding, videomapping: Rui Gato / David Negrão

Music: Nuno Côrte-Real

Light Design: João Garcia Miguel

Sound Design: Manuel Morgado

Infographics: Ruben Santos

Light Technical Direction: Pedro Cabral

Projection: Hipnose

Sound: Promeios


image: Ruben Santos / Telmo Martins

edit: Ruben Santos / Rui Gato