Celestial Harmonies

When planets approach each other closely along their paths, the system triggers pre-recorded sounds sourced from NASA's public audio repository, providing authentic recordings of celestial events
 It's as if the planets themselves are engaged in a cosmic conversation, exchanging energy and creating a symphony that transcends the boundaries of the cosmos..


Experimental microscope footage🧐💥///////
generative audio
New research suggests binary neutron stars are a likely cosmic source for the gold, platinum, and other heavy metals we see today ... #microscope #22karatgold #microarts #nofilter

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)

Leap sensor and touchdesigner - scratching  footage from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)..

HAPPY NEW Solar Cycle 25 :) 

Solar cycle 25 is the current solar cycle, the 25th since 1755, when extensive recording of solar sunspot activity began

Pine Cones Spirals Dance

digital interpretation takes the organic beauty of natural spirals and transposes it into a dynamic and captivating visual experience.


digital interpretation of the intricate dance of patterns and noise found in nature becomes the focal point of exploration


Exploration of noise and waves,
 celebrates the aesthetic beauty of waves but also serves as a visual experiment in algorithmic art,

Binaural Tool  UI

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves

This audio setup uses the following frequencies:

1st tone is 228Hz Root
2nd tone is 303Hz Sacral
3rd tone is 182Hz Solar Plexus
4th tone is 256Hz Heart
5th tone is 192Hz Throat
6th tone is 144Hz Third Eye
7th tone is 432Hz Crown

Astrophotography Among the Pines


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