I am a dynamic visual artist with a passion for merging sensor-driven interactivity with artistic expression, creating immersive installations that bridge the gap between the real and the digital. I believe that art has the power to transcend reality, transporting us to a realm where the digital and the real merge into something extraordinary. One of my greatest joys is developing systems that invite audiences to actively participate. Additionally, I greatly enjoy collaborating with other artists to bring innovative ideas to life. 

David Negrão

New media artist


Proficient in TouchDesigner for creating interactive digital installations.

Extensive knowledge of motion sensor technologies(kinect,Lidar,leapmotion)

Strong artistic and design sensibilities, with an ability to convey complex concepts visually

Creative problem-solving and adaptability in responding to artistic challenges

Good understanding of GLSL programming and Python languages

2023 BOOMFESTIVAL2023/ with Datagrama /ALCHEMYstage (stageDesign Live visuals,contet creation) PT
2023 Una isla with Agrupación Señor Serrano (Holografic content for LED fans)
2023 Voxel Cube, with Mulabs ,Zunya, Costa rica
2022 BOOMFESTIVAL2022/ with Datagrama /ALCHEMY stage (Live visuals,contet creation) Boom festival, PT
2022 Voxel Cube, with Mulabs ,Boom festival, PT (visual programming) .
2022 RESIDENTS/ with MOONDANBCE .Biovila. PT (visual programming)
2021 Light Wave, OCUBO/olab, Brixen (programming, Lights)
2020 PESO DA ALMA at CRIATECH -Criatividade Digital e Tecnologia, Aveiro, PT (interactive installation)
2020 REMINISCENCE OF SPACE, Multiplicidades Festival Internacional de Artes Performativas, PT (stage video)
2020 KIMA:COLOR, with Analema Group, X-Gallery, National Gallery London, UK (interactive 360 video)
2019 TIMEMACHINE, with Datagrama, Austin, Texas, U.S.A. (performance, stage design, content creation)
2019 KIMA:NOISE, with Analema Group, Tate Exchange, London, UK (UI design, visual programming)
2019 Datagrama installation, with Datagrama, 4321 tipper and friends , Florida, U.S.A. (visual programming)
2019 ØMEN - Imapp Winners League 2019, MOJO studio, Bucharest, HU (content creation)
2019 PESO DA ALMA, EXPAND . Pavilhão do Conhecimento, PT (interactive installation)
2019 FALLING WORDS, NEXTSTOP Festival, PT (interactive installation)
2019 KIMA: NOISE with Analema Group, Maxilla, UK (visual programming, interactive installation)
2019 BLACKBOX, Arruda dos Vinhos, PT (interactive installation, UI design, visual programming)
2018 Light Connector installation, OCUBO, Light Me Lusail, Qatar (programming, interactive installation)
2018 Datagrama installation, with Datagrama, Astral Lights, U.S.A. (programming for interactive installation)
2018 KIMA: THE VOICE, with Analema Group, UK (programming for interactive installation)
2018 MEGALIGHT, Boom festival, PT (programming for interactive installation)
2018 PEOPLE OF LIGHT, Aura festival, PT (programming for interactive installation)
2017 TASTE THE FUTURE, Heineken Museum, as ALTA, Lisbon, PT (UI design, visual programming)
2017 INSIDE, video mapping at the National Coach Museum, Lisbon, PT (content creation)
2017 4321 ECLIPSE FESTIVAL, with Datagrama,U.S.A. (programming, interactive installation)
2017 Live generative visuals performance, Ozora festival, Hungary (programming,content creation)
2016 Ericeira World Surfing Reserve, Permanent installation at the Interpretation Center, PT
2015 OMNIMOTION, SXSW, Austin, USA (3D modelling)
2015 Blinc Digital Arts 2015, Conwy, UK (video mapping)
2015 HOW TO DO THINGS WITH WORDS, Companhia JGM, UK (interactive installation)
2012 METATRON, video mapping for Blasted Mechanism
Visual artist at DATAGRAMA (US) (2017 - ongoing) visual programmer, content creator, Vj, interactive installations, videomapping
Visual artist at ANALEMA GROUP (UK) (2018 - ongoing)

Visual artist at MULABS (PT) (2019 - ongoing)programmer, 

Visual artist at OCUBO (2019/2022) visual programmer for interactive installations
Visual artist at ALTA (2018)
visual programmer, content creator, videomapping
Visual Artist at BLAKAT collective (2014/2018)
3D animator at Animais Studio (2016/2017)
3D animator at DIgital Unit (2012/2014)
3D animator at Pato Digital (2005/2009)
Intern at DUVIDEO (2006/2007)
 Motion Graphics to RTP2

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