AV installation // EIXOA25


the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs

/Audio/VIsual Installation /
presented at Amostra,Guarda,Portugal

Peso da Alma

 Interactive Audiovisual Installation that invites the audience to discover itself, by means of image and sound. A scale and a motion sensor  capture the data of the body that are analyzed through an algorithm that subsequently generates geometry and audio frequencies based on the proportions of each user, creating a unique visual and sound that makes visible the invisible to each one.



KIMA: Noise //  geometric sound sculpture, large-scale, real-time projection and live streaming of urban noise from around Tate Modern. 


Morphogenesis is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. It is one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology along with the control of cell growth and cellular differentiation, unified in evolutionary developmental biology.
 . Morphogenesis was presented at Time Machine 2019 and it was 100% generated in real time using motion tracking

Creative direction, stage design and visual production by Datagrama Visuals
Pole dance performance by Brynn Route
Music by Lumatrace // Corey White- Magic Show

Datagrama Visuals 


MADE BY DATAGRAMA COLECTIVE and Mars_1_ for the central sculpture
We used 3 kinect sensors to track the movements of 3 persons, so they can control the beams of light that are on top of the neo-megaliths. two modes of interaction, sky mode – and earth mode – with 12 different looks overall.



interactive multimedia installation, consisting of
 a cascade of letters and symbols that form words in different languages through movement and teamwork
David negrao and María Sabatini


INSIDE is an audio-visual piece which occupied 1.024 m2 of the National Coach Museum facade with videomapping. The technological system used creates an immersive and sensorial effect, with real-time generated visual elements, multichannel sound design and video.

Lasting about 15 minutes, this live performance tells a story in 3 different moments, developing a narrative that seeks to explore the different stages of stone formation, its extraction and transformation through human device and the uses it is given through the genius of human creation.

Features the work of the designers Jasper Morrison, Fernando Brizio, Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, Jorge Silva and Peter Saville and of the architects Amanda Levete, João luis Carrilho da Graça and Márcio Kogan.

Belongs to the research programme FIRST STONE www.primeirapedra.com and its a collaboration between experimentadesign and ALTA - International Creative Alliance.


It's a solar clock driven installation, designed for Boom Festival, that starts at sunset and ends at sunrise, with generative geometry controlling 6 robotic beams, standing on top of 6 neo-megalithic structures made by atelier Rethorica with bio construction techniques.
Every hour, and every half hour, the interactive mode activates for 10 minutes, and the boomers can control the lights with their bodies.
bio construction by Rethorica Studio (Pedro Pereira, Miguel Madrinha, Vasco Duque, Miguel Setas)
coding, concept and tech installation by Rui Gato, David Negrão and João Data (Datagrama).


interactive installation at HEINEKEN MUSEUM


The detailed visualisation of data about the natural characteristics and surf conditions of the area is made possible by the close interweaving of design and technology


An interactive images and video gallery for the Centre of Interpretation of the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve.

Blakat participation on blinc digital arts 2015

Blakat participation on blinc digital arts 2015.

The original theme for the festival was "art and the mind".

videomapping by Rui Gato / David Negrão,

sound design by Manuel Morgado.

Thanks to Joel Cockrill, Alan Whitfield, Ruben Borges, Ruben Santos.

How to do things with words

Result of the Only Connect LAB II challenge by JGM Company, 3 weeks of creation with 5 other artists, giving tech aid and developing in the garden of delights (with all the good and the bad!).

we've made a fully interactive 15 minutes show with 18 meters by 40, 3 projections controlled by leap motion and kinect, all under TouchDesigner


Miragem is a videomapping show made for the opening of a park in the city of Torres Vedras.Its a multidisciplinary show, that joins spacialized music with robotic lights and synced multivideo projection, all around the theme "nature, technology, art"it was projected during the two days of celebration that the city hall of Torres Vedras gave for the opening of this landmark garden.


Video Mapping for the Blasted Generation tour of the Portuguese band Blasted Mechanism.

made in TouchDesigner , Mapped with Kantan Mapper, and synced live with LTC Chop.

Interactive Multidimensional Mandalas

Leap Sensor and Touchdesigner realtime movement reactive installation, placed on the Playground area in Boom Festival 2014