I am a dynamic visual artist with a passion for merging sensor-driven interactivity with artistic expression, creating immersive installations that bridge the gap between the real and the digital. I believe that art has the power to transcend reality, transporting us to a realm where the digital and the real merge into something extraordinary. One of my greatest joys is developing systems that invite audiences to actively participate. Additionally, I greatly enjoy collaborating with other artists to bring innovative ideas to life.


David Negrão embarked on his creative journey in the world of Animation 2D/3D back in 2001 when he enrolled at ETIC - School of Technologies, Innovation, and Creation in Lisbon. Although he initially pursued a degree in Cinema at Lusófona University, his passion for 3D animation led him to suspend his formal education and dive headfirst into a freelance career. His expertise primarily revolves around 3D animation for the realms of cinema and advertising, where he has honed his craft over the years. Negrão's artistic portfolio boasts collaborations with various animation studios, where he served as a versatile 3D generalist, contributing his skills and vision to a wide range of projects. However, his artistic identity transcends traditional boundaries, as he has recently ventured into the captivating domains of Video Mapping and interactive environments. What sets David Negrão apart is his profound connection with nature and the cosmos, which permeates his work. This affinity for the natural world and the mysteries of the universe infuse his projects with a unique perspective, often blurring the lines between reality and the digital realm. In his current endeavors, he is actively involved with several artistic collectives, including the Analema Group in the UK, Datagrama in the US, and Mulabs in Portugal. Within these collaborations, Negrão dedicates himself to developing innovative tools that push the boundaries of technical and creative exploration within interactive environments.


TouchDesigner : Proficient in harnessing the power of TouchDesigner to craft immersive and interactive visual installations. From real-time generative art to audio-reactive visuals, 

Interactive Media: Passionate about creating experiences that engage and captivate audiences. Whether it's interactive projections, live performances, or installations, I excel in combining code and visuals to evoke emotion and connection.

Collaboration: Experienced in collaborative projects, I thrive in interdisciplinary teams, seamlessly integrating my visual coding skills into larger creative endeavors.

Visual coder - Touch designer , cables.gl, Puredata , max

Programming Languages -  GLSL, PYTHON 

Experienced  in SPOUT, NDI, DMX, ARTNET;OSC, Kinect, leapmotion, Lidar, Arduino,.......

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. www.davidnegrao.com. 

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